Friday, June 8, 2012

It's been a long time...

This quote, from the movie preview (not sure if this line actually made the cut) for Cold Mountain, has always made me laugh. I don't really know why; perhaps it's just her hilarious southern drawl. Or maybe it brings to mind a very stereotypical Scarlett O'hara romance novel cover, complete with me in an overly aerated pirate shirt and a background 3 mph southwest wind. An excerpt from said fictitious novel, tentatively entitled "Wanton Wastrels of the ADA":
Andrea appeared from over the gentle slope, riding a chestnut mare with a pleasant temper. The brilliant oranges and yellows of the sunset framed her perfect form, the oncoming dusk reminding me of her eyes. Her red peasant dress was open, hinting at her gentle curves. Also, she apparently never wears shoes or socks when horseback riding.
At any rate, this applies to my blog, as I have ignored it for some time. I offer no excuses or even promises for the future. Simply feel content I feel like writing. Maybe it'll grow on me and I'll keep it up.