Sunday, October 24, 2010


As per the vote on Andrea's blog, I am in the midst of creating something which will be impossible to top. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Does reality actually matter anyway?

How Fidel and I interact in my mind:

The rain had stopped.

The armored cat, his braided black mane swaying in the earthy scented breeze, nuzzled his beloved master. The man examining the fresh tracks in the oozing dark mud grinned with the anticipation he felt eminating from his panther-like companion. This hunt would be good.

"Yes, Fidel. It's close."

The worg pack had left much of its spoor for them to find. A bit of sinew there, some pressed grass where they had lain and the constant reminder from his feline friend of their omnipresent feral scent was nearly overwhelming. He tightened his grip on the spear and double checked his sword and stood. A growl, almost like laughter, emanated from the hunting cat's throat.

"Lead on, boy."

Fidel needed no further encouragement and made for the forest, melting into the shadows within an eye's blink. Even fully armored, the great cat made no sound. His hunting partner felt the same growling laughter rise from his own throat and just as stealthily entered the woods.

To be continued.....